About us

We are doing this project with four people. Below a small proposal round:

Evy Ruijs
I have been in the horse world for a few years, started training in equestrian management, then worked at Anky van Grunsven and I have been teaching dressage for a few years now
I was immediately in love with the first video of GallopingGoop and I am very happy that we started this project together!
When we then came across OldStyleHorseRemedies, with their natural working method, I just knew that this would fit together perfectly!

Wendy Ongena
My name is Wendy
After I came across this product I thought; I want to know more about this!
I did the equine training, and after my studies I worked a lot abroad. I have never come across a product that I was so enthusiastic about.
After testing the product myself, this only increased and I started a collaboration.
I hope everyone can enjoy our products! And: let your horse shine!
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