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Galloping Goop
 When do you use which product?
 Does cold water work?
 How do you use the De-Greaser?
 What is the difference between the liquid and the cream
 How much do you use?
 Can you use GallopingGoop for other animals?
 What does the GG with the skin?
Mitey Feathers
 If they already have mites, does it work so that they come off? Or kill the mites first with another remedy and then that they do not come back?
 Does it work even if a horse already has a mudfever or rasp?
 Will it stay if they are really in the dredge during the day?
 Why is a yellow tail so difficult to get white?
 Is your horse very dirty?
 What are the costs of GallopingGoop
 From what amount do you have no shipping costs?
 What is the delivery time?
 I have placed an order. But the payment has not been completed properly. And now??
 The order is not complete or broken
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